Frank smallegange pitch pocketbook.png

After years of refining my opinion on how to create a pitch with impact it felt like time to put that in writing. On the other hand one of the things I always say in my workshops is: “If you want to know how to structure a pitch, google it”.

The result is a pocketbook with a structured overview of my favourite insights on how to create al pitch with impact. One of these insights is that presenters who are having fun presenting are often more fun to watch. To get into this mood while preparing a pitch I've added stickers to the pocketbook. These will help you show off that you used the tips and discover which ones you've missed. The next part of this blog is an example of how I used the structure stickers to explain why I created this pocketbook.


Over the years I created a lot of hand-outs for workshops and more often then not I found them left behind after the workshop. Because they just didn't fit the need of most participants.


This why I created a pocketbook with stickers which has a complete story, looks good and is fun to use. And all of that will fit in your pocket to take it anywhere.


With this pocketbook it will become easier to keep using the insights you get from my workshops and coaching. Then when it really matters, get in touch to get the final personal tips for that pitch.

Like lots of things of great value you can't buy the pocketbook. Get in touch with Frank to find out how to get your hands on a copy.