Mini Keynote intro EN

KickStart your Conference with frank’s mini keynote


Mini Keynote intro EN

KickStart your Conference with frank’s mini keynote

How to be a Great Audience

A well-organized event deserves an enthusiastic and involved audience. The best events are designed in such a way that the participants will get the most out of them. The participants register well in time for the interesting program and the inspiring speakers. And yet they arrive in a hurry and may even have forgotten what the event is exactly about ...

Opening an event with Franks keynote " How to be a great audience" is the solution. Frank activates the audience so that they are ready to participate and focused on why they are here again and what they would like to do with the information afterwards. The keynote is fun, up tempo and interactive. A combination of some simple tips, facts and tricks to get the best out of every presentation. A nice bonus is that a more active audience also helps the presenters to speak better.

3 reasons to book this keynote for your event:

  • The event gets more attention value
    Because at the start participants are extra triggered to think about what they want to get out of the event and how they are going to share this.

  • The speakers have an alert audience which is ready for interaction.

  • The participants get more out of the event because they listen more actively and are challenged to have specific goals about what they are looking for and what they want to do with it.

As proof that the success of a presentation is not solely up to the speaker, Frank keynote contains a guaranteed contentless pitch. The world’s greatest audience will still be able to get something out of it!

If you think that your conference deserves the best audience ever don’t hesitate to book the version of the keynote that suits you.

World's Greatest Audience
  • Keynote as opener

    20 to 30 minutes interactive keynote with accents for the occasion.      

  • Keynote as an opener and interactive conclusion.

    Start your convention with the keynote opener and finish it with an interactive improvised story based on the impressions of the participants.

  • Extra option: speaker training

    Make sure that the speakers at the conference can make optimal use of the world’s greatest audience and let Frank work with them to be interactive, authentic and impactful.

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Every keynote became a challenge: what do I think about this, what can I do with it?
— Nicolaas, audience member